Nor-east’r Music & Art Festival 2014

Nor-east'r Music & Art Festival PosterLooking forward, one of the real highlights of my summer is undoubtedly going to be performing at the Nor-east’r Music & Art Festival, held on the weekend of June 13-15, at the Oscoda County Fairgrounds, in Mio, Michigan. Nor-east’r is one of the very finest of the regional festivals held in the state, and accordingly, presents some of the best musical acts in the Midwest. This year’s lineup includes the likes of Red Tail Ring, Jill Jack, The Appleseed Collective, Annie & Rod Capps, The RagbirdsThe Potter’s Field and a host of other fine performers shown on the poster to the right. (Click the image to enlarge.)

I attended Nor-east’r for the first time last year, and had a marvelous time. My dear friend, Shar Douglas, who has been going for the past several years with her father Bill, had been telling me that it was my kind of scene, so I joined them and she was so right on. While much of what I heard and enjoyed was more to the acoustic end of the roots music spectrum, there was also a liberal dose of electrifying plugged-in rhythm ‘n’ blues to get you up on your feet and dancing. A very mellow, laid-back attitude held sway throughout the entire weekend, and I made several new friends whom I am very much looking forward to seeing again in a few weeks.

Besides the music, Nor-east’r also presents a juried art fair, arts and crafts workshops, a giveaway of guitars and other instruments to deserving young people and children’s activities. You can rent a motel room down the road if you wish, but like so many who attend, I’ll be camping out, “In My Element,” as always. The festival organizers, board of directors, staff and volunteers all do a fantastic job in making this event run so smoothly, and it shows in the fact that attendance goes up every year.

I left last year’s event saying to myself over and over, “I REALLY want to play Nor-east’r!” I guess I did something right, because, this year, I’ll be playing two sets on Saturday, from 10-10:50 AM on the Main Stage, and from 3-3:50 PM in The Parlor. I’m honored and thrilled to be sharing the stage with so many great performers this year, and I hope that you can join us for what is sure to be one of the best weekends of the summer!



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"In the best traditions of folk music, George’s songs evoke personal experiences and historical events, and George certainly has had some experiences, let me tell you. But the experiences of which he sings so truthfully here, while almost mundane when taken literally, are made to seem so much more meaningful, so much more heartfelt in his hands and within his voice. These arrangements are as near to the folk tradition as one could hope, are exactly all that’s necessary for each song, and when accompaniment and backing vocals are used, they feature David Mosher on several traditional instruments, as well as Bill Arnold on dobro, providing simple support to George’s already ample foundations." —Michael O'Brien, Open Mike


And George Heritier from Oak Park shared his clever songwriting, cool and entertaining lyrics and hot guitar/harmonica riffs. He got the best round of applause for the whole festival! I am a huge fan of acoustic blues and folk music and George is one of the best I have heard. I would make it a point to go see him ANY time he plays, it will be well worth the effort! —John P. Bayerl, PhD - SeMi