Songwriters in the Round PosterWelcome to the soft-launch of georgeheritier.com, my website/blog for all my music-related activities. It was designed and built by Kim Adams, my darling wife and companion, and I’m very pleased and excited to take this next step in growing this music thing of mine! I call it a soft-launch, not because there will be some big, splashy announcement sometime in the future, but, rather, because there won’t. This is it. I didn’t do a CD Release Party when “In My Element” came out, either. I’m quite content with proceeding quietly and organically, and that’s the tune I’ll be playing for the foreseeable future.

One of the obvious objectives of this blog is to announce upcoming performances, and, in that regard, I’ll be participating in this coming Sunday’s (May 19) “Songwriters in the Round,” taking place at the Midland Brewing Co., located at 5011 N. Saginaw, in Midland, Michigan, from 3-5 PM. A lot of very fine singer-songwriters have performed in this series, and it’s such an honor to have the opportunity to sing some of my own songs there. I’ll be sharing the stage with two fine songwriters, Carrie Treder and Pete Kehoe, so if you’re in the neighborhood, stop in, have a brew and take a listen. I can personally vouch for the Brothers IPA, which is eminently satisfying for a hophead such as myself!



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"In the best traditions of folk music, George’s songs evoke personal experiences and historical events, and George certainly has had some experiences, let me tell you. But the experiences of which he sings so truthfully here, while almost mundane when taken literally, are made to seem so much more meaningful, so much more heartfelt in his hands and within his voice. These arrangements are as near to the folk tradition as one could hope, are exactly all that’s necessary for each song, and when accompaniment and backing vocals are used, they feature David Mosher on several traditional instruments, as well as Bill Arnold on dobro, providing simple support to George’s already ample foundations." —Michael O'Brien, Open Mike


And George Heritier from Oak Park shared his clever songwriting, cool and entertaining lyrics and hot guitar/harmonica riffs. He got the best round of applause for the whole festival! I am a huge fan of acoustic blues and folk music and George is one of the best I have heard. I would make it a point to go see him ANY time he plays, it will be well worth the effort! —John P. Bayerl, PhD - SeMi Bluegrass.com